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Web Guiding System

These high-tech Web Guiding Systems are designed for correcting the alignment of the material from the unwinder to the rewinder to boost the productivity and quality. They are designed with powerful stepping motors to ensure swift, reliable and accurate correction of the position of the materials. They are designed using high-grade materials and energy-saving motor to provide the best results. These Web Guiding Systems ensure smooth process sequences of various sizes and types of materials in all web widths and application areas. 

Unwinding Guiding System

Price: 75000 INR /

  • Minimum Order Quantity 01
  • Price 75000 INR
  • Unit of Measure Unit/Units

Unwinding Guiding System

Unwind guiding with tension control (pay off reel system)

Description :

Standard adapter bases consist of a stationary floor-mounted frame or plate, a four unit, standard bearing and support system, and a moving frame or plate. A heavy duty servo cylinder is mounted between the frames and the bearings. The servo cylinder moves the upper adapter base plate back and forth in response to hydraulic signals from the power unit.

Applications :

The ACCU_ adopter base is designed for use in applications where the unwind or rewind stand must be shift able. By fitting the adapter base under the stand, a simple and economical installation is obtained. Because of the relatively high mass of the unwind or rewind rolls, its use is most often found in applications. Where response time can be relatively slow and where accuracies are not overly critical.
In Rewind guide the detector is attached to the moving frame before fixed idler with sufficient warp to stabilize Web.
In Unwind guide the idler roller attached on moving frame before the fixed detector to stabilize the Web.

Unwinding :

If the material wound is irregular, this system guide the edge position and let it regularly into the subsequent process. The idler roll moves with the unwinding reel stand.

  • Mount the detector fixed and as close to the idler roll as possible.
  • The leaving web formed a angle at the deflector roll should more than 30. if not possible, apply a pinhole added. The important, do not allow the web slip on this roll. The distance between two rolls should be more than the maximum width of the web.

Tracking Roller Assemblies

Price: 50000 INR /

  • Minimum Order Quantity 01
  • Price 50000 INR
  • Unit of Measure Unit/Units

Tracking Roller Assemblies

Intermediate guiding system

ACCU-Tracking roller assembly (TRA) consists of two rectangular steel tubing frames. One is stationery, the other is movable; it is supported in a BEARING Guide

The Principle:

The improper mounting of the detector and improper arrangement of the rolls will result in unsatisfactory control performance, or will cause wrinkles to the web.
When planning and aligning the process line, the following described items must kept in mind. If distance is too short, winkles will happened on thin or soft web.


When needed to correct web position in the middle of the process line, there are two methods to modify the web edge.

  • Center Pivot Roll GuidingThis method best applied to the webs of novelistic materials, or distortions web due to the difference tension of both side. The web hardly slips on this guide roll, since there has two 90wrapped angle. If it is slips, use a rubber coated roll will prevent slip age occurs.
  • End Pivot Roll Guiding : This method particularly good for flexible web. It is available, when location in long distance between entry idler roll and exit idler roll. The assumed pivot of the guide roll rotation be arranged to be long, so turning angle of the guider rolls and the tension variation are lesser, will reducing the wrapping of the web. There have 90 wrap for single roll and 180 wrap for double rolls shown as below.

Edge Position Control : Whenever the film roll is not feeding in order, it could be adjusted by EPC control unit and the film feeding will be corrected to the right position. This system will enhance the productivity of machine and there will provide one set of EPC for each line.

Rewinding Guiding

Price: 90000 INR /Pack

  • Minimum Order Quantity 1
  • Price 90000 INR
  • Unit of Measure Bunch
  • Unit of Price Pack/Packs

Rewinding Guiding

Rewinding (Wind-Up Reel System) :

Controlled Rewind Guiding

This reel system to uniform the web of winding up coil with edge alignment. Mount the deflector roll rigidly and independent from the reel stand. Mount the detector on the reel stand extending arm, so moves together with the wound coil. The detector located on the entry side of the-deflector roll as close as possible. The angle formed by the incoming web on the deflector roll be no less than 30. Larger diameter and higher friction are preferable to avoid slippage over this roll. The distance between the wind-up reel and the deflector roll should be more than the maximum width of the web.